FN SCAR Bullet Button

FN SCAR Bullet Button

FN SCAR Bullet Button

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Fits FN SCAR 16, FN SCAR 17, FN AR, and Winchester SX-AR

The FN SCAR Bullet Button is a fixed magazine kit that allows the magazine to be removed through the use of a tool, such as a bullet tip, screw driver, or other pointed object.  When installed and used properly, this kit creates a fixed-magazine rifle that may then legally be fitted with other features such as pistol grip or flash-hider.

This kit is brought to you by the maker of the original Bullet Button for the AR-15.  Made of anodized aluminum, this sturdy kit installs in minutes without any modification to the original magazine release.  It is completely reversable and comes complete with bolts, set-screws, and allen wrenches for installation.
This magazine lock is designed to conform to the law as written in CA Penal Code 978.20(a) which defines: "detachable magazine" means any ammunition feeding device that can be removed readily from the firearm with neither disassembly of the firearm action nor use of a tool being required. "A bullet or ammunition cartridge is considered a tool."

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