Installing a Midwest Industries End Plate Sling Adapter
Midwest Industries manufactures several different styles of sling adapters for use with cargbine stocks. These adapters are very easy to install and do not require you to remove the receiver extension or replace the standard end plate. In this how-to guide I will be installing a loop style end plate adapter, part number MCTAR-13, which is perfect for use with a snap-hook style single point sling. Midwest Industries also manufactures slot-style adapters and even models with a quick-detach swivel.
The only tool required for installation is an allen wrench, which is supplied along with the end plate adapter.
Remove the stock body from the receiver extension.
Slide the end plate adapter onto the receiver extension. Make sure that the adapter is oriented so that it slides over the castle nut and snugs completely up against the end plate.
Tighten the bolt with the supplied allen wrench. You may want to use some blue loc-tite to prevent the bolt from working loose. Tighten the adapter snugly so that it can handle the stress of being the pivot point for the sling.
Replace the stock body and collapse it all the way in. When properly installed, the end plate adapter should not prevent the stock from locking into place in the first position.
Not only do the Midwest Industries end plate sling adapters provide a very sturdy attachment point for your sling, they look great as well and provide a nice finished look by covering the exposed threads on the receiver extension.
That is one tacti-cool looking rifle!  Now where did I put that sling...