Howard Leight Impact Sport Bolt Electronic Earmuff Black

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Impact Sport Bolt by Howard Leight keeps wearers protected from hazardous noise and connected to their environment. Impact Sport employs built-in directional microphones that amplify range commands and other ambient sounds to a safe 82dB, providing more natural listening and enhancing communication. For protection, Impact Sport actively listens and automatically compresses amplification when ambient impact sound reaches 82dB, and passively blocks out noise at 22dB.

The new Impact Sport Bolt uses the same Air Flow Control Technology(AFC) as the Impact Sport. However the Bolt features 5X Sound Amplification with new digital compression circuitry.

Instant Protection - Digital compression circuitry delivers a lightning-fast .5 millisecond attack time (the interval between when a shot is fired and when the earmuff reacts) that lowers the sound to a safe sub-82 dB level. This is 250x faster than the classic Impact Sport Earmuff.
Uninterrupted Hearing - The .5 millisecond attack time also eliminates sound-clipping (the inadvertent blocking of ambient sound after a gunshot). This is crucial for a busy range or class environment where hearing commands is important for safety and/or learning.
Designed for Shooting - Low-profile earcup, recessed controls and a rifle-cutaway design allow for a tight gunstock cheek weld that won't disrupt the seal of the ear cushion, while allowing better intuitive sighted and unsighted fire.
Engineered for Hunting - Recessed microphones reduce wind noise and amplify quiet sounds like animal noises up to 5x. The microphones are also directional, which let you know from where the sound is coming. This is an essential feature for tracking prey, and an added safety feature for the range.
Headphone Functionality - AUX input and 3.5 mm connection cord allows you to connect to an external MP3 player, scanner or other audio device.
Superior Comfort - Padded ear cushions and padded black leatherette headband offer long wearing comfort on the range or in the field; 2 replacement ear cushions included.
Compact & Portable - Folding design reduces earmuff size by 50% and allows for compact storage; belt clip is included for convenient hands-free carriage.
Low Energy Earmuff - Auto shut-off after four hours prolongs battery life and the snap-on lid allows for easy battery replacement. Includes 2 AAA batteries.


Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 22
Attack Time .5MS (The interval between when the sound level goes above safe hearing levels and the earmuff reacts to lower the external sound to a safe level)
Color Black
Size One Size Fits Most
Battery Type 2 AAA Batteries (Included)

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