ARMaglock AR-15 Fixed Magazine Lock & Release Kit

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The ARMagLock renders your MIL-SPEC AR-15 a "fixed magazine" firearm while installed. By installing an ARMagLock you no longer own a "detachable" magazine firearm which is classified as an "assault weapon".

The ARMagLock allows the shooter to re-insert a magazine while the upper and lowers receivers (the action) are closed or open, allowing for SIGNIFICANTLY faster magazine changes. The competitors’ products ONLY allow the shooter to re-insert a magazine while the action is in the open state, slowing you down CONSIDERABLY.  Also allows you to have the ejection port cover open or closed when closing the action, the competition only allows this with the port door closed, causing even slower operation. This product does not scratch your upper receiver with an adjustment screw like competition does. Last but certainly not least, it also has finger knurling for excellent grip in any and all weather conditions, in addition to coming with the knurled grip rear take-down pin and accompanying split ring for quick pull operation. 

ARMagLock allows California, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey and other states (and other local municipalities such as Cook County Illinois) AR-15 owners to comply with existing and proposed fixed magazine laws, potentially avoiding registration within their respective states.

*Some fitting/modifications may be required for install.
*Does not work on lowers with ambidextrous bolt catch assemblies

Note: It is required that you drill out the head of the allen bolt after installation so the modification is permanent. We also recommend using red threadlocker on the allen bolt.

*This product has not been approved by the CA DOJ, Police(state or local) or Attorney General. Know your local and state laws and firearm regulations.

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1. on 7/30/2017, said:
3 stars out of 5
Agree with DAVID'S review 1-14-17. Recommend that you watch YouTube vids that show how to install take-down without having to remove castle nut. Also, the take-down can have a split ring (provided) attached to it to aid in pulling the pin. However, the split ring has a habit of rotating over the top of the pin which will then block the upper from mating back with the lower. Lastly, practice and watch will crush your fingers if you grasp too close to the mag well. I probably would have gone with other solution but this one involves zero mods to the firearm other than simple swaps. It does what it is supposed to. I greased up the pin and manipulated it and it now goes in and out fairly smoothly. I will be replacing the take-down pin soon. Lastly, this is cheaper than going featureless and looks a whole lot better. Double feeds could be a disaster with this solution. Clearing these is a bit slow, clearing with this mod takes a LOT longer.
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2. on 1/14/2017, said:
3 stars out of 5
Be aware that the rear takedown pin is aluminum not steel and not well machined. The detent hole is deep making it harder to pull out. Consider spending about $10 from someone else for a better pin
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