Gunsmith Service: Pin/Weld Permanent Muzzle Device

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Add this gunsmith service to your cart and we will permanently attach a muzzle device to your barrel using the ATF- approved blind pin and weld method.  The weld will be finished with touch up paint. This is purely cosmetic and can be excluded at the time of the work order. 

When used with an appropriately sized barrel and muzzle device, this permanent muzzle device installation will take a short barrel out of NFA status and make it comply with the federal 16" minimum barrel length requirement.  This service may also be used for ban compliance in states that do not allow a threaded rifle barrel.
Gunsmith services currently have a 3-4 days minimum turnaround, excluding weekends and transit times(shipped in work orders).
-IMPORTANT: we require the barrel, barrel nut, handguard, upper receiver, gas block/tube and muzzle device for this service.
-Ensure that the supplied muzzle device is long enough to meet length, work may be delayed if the muzzle device is too short. Take thread overlap(roughly .6") into account when measuring the overall length of a muzzle device.
-Please do not time/install muzzle device to barrel prior to drop-off. If you want the muzzle device timed in a specific manner or orientation, please include detailed notes.

-Pin/Weld results may vary depending on muzzle device.
-We DO NOT pin/weld Titanium, Aluminum or Inconel muzzle devices at this time.
 -Pin/Weld services may not be available for certain Pistol Caliber(9mm, 45ACP, etc) barrels due to minimal amount of material on the muzzle.

This item is for the gunsmith service only, please add the muzzle device to your order as necessary.  Since this service involves a permanently welded installation, please ensure that the parts that you are using for this service are compatible and will result in an item that is compliant with federal and local laws.  If you are unsure, please call for assistance.

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