Transfer Fees:
*If you are expecting a shipped in transfer from another vendor. Please wait to be contacted by our receiving department prior to arriving at our store.


The Colony, TX Transfer Fee:
$45 per firearm or $35 per firearm with valid LTC.
$100 per NFA item (Suppressors, Short Barrel Rifles, etc.)

All firearm transfers not picked up within 30 days of arrival will incur a storage fee of $20 per month. 

Long Gun Transfers: Please be aware that RifleGear will only transfer long guns to residents of Texas and it's contiguous states. 

Fountain Valley, CA Transfer Fee :
$75 per firearm plus DROS fee and applicable CA Sales Tax. 

CA Private Party Transfer Fee (Face to Face):
DROS fee plus $10 per firearm and no sales tax due. 
Both parties must be CA residents, must have required documents and present in-store to conduct a Private Party Transfer.
Please call us if you are unsure regarding sufficient documents, Phone: (949) 209-6413.


For our CA Ammo Transfer Fees, Click Here.


FFL Transfer Procedure:

 To request for our FFL/SOT to be sent to a dealer for your transfer, please email [email protected] with:

  • your name
  • dealer's email address
  • order number/auction number
  • location of transfer(CA/TX)

 We will only send our license to other FFL holders.

Transfers will only be released to the person listed on the invoice. Transfers must include an invoice with: customer name, contact number, firearm cost, collected tax/shipping.

Transfers that do not include sufficient documents may be delayed and cannot be released until the documents are received.