FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

If your specific question is not answered below then please contact us via email: [email protected]


Delays in E-Mail/Phone Responses & Shipping:

Covid 19 Virus workplace restrictions and increase in demand may cause delays in email or phone responses. It could take up to 48 hours based on the incoming volume of inquires. Additionally these factors has also caused order processing and shipping delays. Once your order has been processed for shipping, tracking will be provided by email.
We appreciate your patience during this time.

Coronavirus Protocols

In order to practice "Social Distancing" and to handle the increased customer demand during this time, we have implemented a new system at our retail stores. We hope these temporary procedures will minimize exposure to the virus and help to keep our customers and employees safe.

Our employees are working very hard and long hours to serve as many customers as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.


California Customers Only

Booking Appointments for customers with in-store pick up online order
If you have an in-store pick up online order with us, you may now conveniently book an appointment by yourself. Please click the following link to make an appointment. You will receive a confirmation email once your appointment is confirmed. You can also book an appointment to sign-out a firearm after your 10 day waiting period is up.

**Please make sure that the item you ordered was in stock in CA store at the time of purchase. If at the time your purchase the item was in stock in the TX store, please allow up for 10 days to complete the transfer to the CA store. If your item is being transferred from the TX store, you will be notified by email once it has arrived.

*You can request an appointment for any other service. This includes a transfer, PPT,  in-store ammo purchase or gunsmith service.
For transactions without a Riflegear Order Number, you may input "PPT", "Ammo", "Transfer", etc in the Order Number field.
If you are booking an appointment for a shipped in transfer from another vendor. Please wait to be contacted by our receiving department prior to booking your appointment.

Click here to Book Appointment Online


CURBSIDE PICKUP for California customers with parts/accessories in-store pick up online order
Please call our Fountain Valley, CA location from the parking lot for curbside service. If you cannot reach us via phone, let our sales associate know that you are here with order number. We will bring your order to your car. Curbside pickup is available for parts and accessories and cannot be done for firearms. Please make sure that the item you ordered was in stock in the CA store at the time of purchase.


Online Waiting List Sign-in 
Our Fountain Valley, CA store has reopened for walk-in customers. However, due to our current appointment schedule, we may not be able to immediately assist you. We ask that you sign in on our in-store wait list when you arrive and we will contact you by phone call or text message when we are able to help you. You may also sign in on the wait list online. The wait list opens at 9:30am every morning and will shut off when the max wait time exceeds store hours. We do appreciate your patience and if you have any questions please give us a call at (949) 209-6413

RifleGear Fountain Valley, CA Waiting List (opens 9:30am Mon-Sun)
to RifleGear Fountain Valley Wait List


Shipping Delays.
Shipping time for orders placed after June 25th, 2020 will be delayed approximately 7 weekdays. 

Transfer Fees:
Effective immediately, RifleGear will have the following fees schedule for firearm transfers. This fee does not apply to the firearms available for sale in our store. 

The Colony, TX Transfer Fee:
$35 per firearm or $25 per firearm with valid LTC.

Fountain Valley, CA Transfer Fee :
$60 per firearm plus DROS fee and applicable CA Sales Tax. 

CA Private Party Transfer Fee (Face to Face):
DROS fee plus $10 per firearm and no sales tax due. 
Both parties must be CA residents and present in-store to conduct a Private Party Transfer. 
CA Ammunition Order Transfer Fee
Please see this link for our Ammunition Transfer Fees

CA Sales Tax must be collected on the full invoiced amount of the firearm shipment .
All shipments received MUST have an original invoice with shipment so the proper sales tax can be collected. Private Sales must include a copy of the seller's ID/Driver's License, Bill of Sale and contact information of both parties. Private Sales are excluded from CA Sales Tax.  
*Transfers will only be released to the customer listed on the invoice.
*Transfers left for more than 180 days will be considered abandoned. 
*All fees are non-refundable.
*All terms and fees subject to change at the sole discretion of RifleGear. 

Yes. Our website has real-time inventory updates every minute. Inventory can change quickly, but the website reflects the most current information we have.

We do not have ANY estimates on restocking any items. You can enter your email on the product page to receive a notification when the item is back in stock.

No. Please use the email notification feature on the product page to receive an email notification when the item is back in stock.

We are working hard to get the orders out ASAP. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your order ships. We only process shipments Monday - Friday during normal business hours. If you receive an email or voicemail from RifleGear after you place an order, please respond quickly in order to avoid unnecessary delays in shipping your order.

No. We do not have the manpower at this time to modify existing orders. Please place an additional order, or email us to cancel your entire order and then place a new one online - keep in mind this may delay your order.

No. Sorry, but we just do not have the manpower at this time to handle this type of special request.