FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

If your specific question is not answered below then please contact us via email: [email protected]

Coronavirus Protocols

In order to practice "Social Distancing" and to handle the increased customer demand during this time, we have implemented a new system at our retail stores. We hope these temporary procedures will minimize exposure to the virus and help to keep our customers and employees safe.

Our employees are working very hard and long hours to serve as many customers as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.


Texas Customers Only

Online Waiting List Sign-in 
You can now join our waiting list online without having to physically come to the store. The waiting list will open every morning and will be closed once we exceed the number of customers we can handle in a single day. You can get on the waiting list to perform any transaction that requires you to come to our store. Please be safe and sign-in from your home or mobile device. Once you sign up you will receive a text message that lets you monitor the waiting list in real time. Please wait in your vehicle or at home until you are close to your turn. You will receive a text when it is your turn to be served in the store.  

Shipping Delays.
Shipping time for orders placed after June 25th will be delayed approximately 5 weekdays. 

RifleGear The Colony, TX Waiting List (opens 10:00am Mon-Sat, 12:00pm Sun)
to RifleGear The Colony Wait List


California Customers Only

Booking Appointments - 4/15/2020 additional transaction types now available by appointment
All transactions at our Fountain Valley, CA store will be by appointment only until the COVID-19 "Stay at Home" order has been lifted. You can request an appointment for any transaction that requires a DROS (fill out paperwork and perform background check). This includes a firearm purchased online, a transfer or PPT, or an in-store ammo purchase.  You can also schedule an appoint to sign-out a firearm after your 10 day waiting period is up.

Click here to Request an Appointment

Temporary Suspension of Ship-In Transfers
We are temporarily suspending our service of performing Firearm Transfers as of 3/22/2020. We are simply maxed out on our capacity and cannot accept any additional transfers at this time. Please do not ship any more transfer firearms to our retail stores until further notice. We will perform the transfer for any firearm we have received prior to 3/22/2020, however you will still need to sign-in to the waiting list in order to get a place in line.

Shipping Delays.
Shipping time for orders placed after June 25th will be delayed approximately 5 weekdays. 

California: Information on recent gun laws in California
California: RifleGear Ammunition Transfer Fees and Policies
California: ID Requirements for Firearm Transactions

Yes. Our website has real-time inventory updates every minute. Inventory can change quickly, but the website reflects the most current information we have.

We do not have ANY estimates on restocking any items. You can enter your email on the product page to receive a notification when the item is back in stock.

No. Please use the email notification feature on the product page to receive an email notification when the item is back in stock.

We are working hard to get the orders out ASAP. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your order ships. We only process shipments Monday - Friday during normal business hours. If you receive an email or voicemail from RifleGear after you place an order, please respond quickly in order to avoid unnecessary delays in shipping your order.

No. We do not have the manpower at this time to modify existing orders. Please place an additional order, or email us to cancel your entire order and then place a new one online - keep in mind this may delay your order.

No. Sorry, but we just do not have the manpower at this time to handle this type of special request.