NFA Laser Engraving Service

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How to order Laser Engraving:
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***This Service is only available at The Colony, Texas location*** DO NOT ship to our California location.

Use this service to laser engrave your FORM 1 firearm to meet BATFE requirements.

This service will laser engrave all required fields at 1/16" height and at .003" ATF requirement depth. The engraving must be visible without dis-assembly.

Engraving Service Notes:
Text will be in all Caps with a font no smaller than 1/16"
Engraving depth is a minimum depth of .003". A deeper engraving is recommended if the firearm will be refinished
For polymer engravings, the minimum height is 1/8” and .003" depth requirement
Aluma Black(Aluminum) or Oxpho-Blue(Carbon Steel) can be used to refinish upon request
Placement must be on any portion that is readily viewable without disassembly of the firearm. 
Placement on AR platforms and external faces of the lower must be flat. The flare of the magwell are acceptable locations. 


Gunsmith services currently have a 4-6 days minimum turnaround, excluding weekends and transit times(shipped in work orders). Turnaround times may vary by store location.

*Note For Shipped In Orders:

Customer is responsible for actual return shipping once gunsmith work is complete. Once your work order is complete, an associate will contact you for actual shipping charges.

*Riflegear will not accept 80% receivers for shipped in orders.

Please ensure the information to be engraved is written clearly and correctly.

Receivers are not required to be stripped prior to engraving. However we recommend removing unnecessary items (if possible) to reduce the weight and size of your shipment.

SHIPPING ORDERS must be sent to our Texas address:
4001 State Highway 121
The Colony, TX 75056

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