CompMag AR15 Gen3 10rd CA Fixed Magazine

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The CompMag is fixed magazine device for shooters in states with "Assault Weapon" restrictions such as California. This device is a 10-round, fixed, loadable magazine that locks into the firearm. This solution creates an ammunition feeding device that is attached to the firearm that cannot be removed without disassembly of the firearm action.

The Gen 3 CompMag automatically locks into place once inserted into the firearm. Using the CompMag allows you to keep features such as the pistol grip, telescoping stock, forward grip and flash hider.

The CompMag features easy installation, round count indicator, last round bolt hold open, and allows for easy type 3 malfunctions.

Compliance Note: For New York state, the release hole cover must be epoxied over for a permanent installation.

*This product has not been approved by the CA DOJ, Police(state or local) or Attorney General. Know your local and state laws and firearm regulations.

Compatible with .223, 5.56, .300ACC Blackout, and .277 Wolverine Ammunition.
Compatible with standard AR-15 type lowers. (M4, M16, AR15).
For receivers with Cerakoted magwells we recommend roughing up or removing the Cerakote inside the magwell where the locking wheel sits when the CompMag is inserted. You can easily do this with a bit of sandpaper. Cerakote is a slick, hard surface and will prevent the locking wheel from engaging so it must be removed for the mag to lock in properly.
Compatible with other firearms that accept a STANAG (AR-15) magazine and have a removable upper receiver; including the SCAR16, CZ Bren 2 (5.56), Bushmaster ACR, SIG MCX, SIG 556, Galil ACE, BRN180M, Springfield Saint Edge ATC, and Daewoo DR200.
NOT compatible with lowers that have a custom or extended magazine well (such as Seekins SP225, Sharps Bros, HK MR556, HK 416, and Spike's Jack).
Not compatible in bullpup firearms such as the Tavor as you cannot separate the receiver to remove the CompMag.
NOT compatible with top loaders such as the MA loader or the Bear Flag Defense loader.

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