2017 California-Legal Rifle Configurations

Beginning January 1st, 2017, all semiautomatic, centerfire rifles sold in the state of California must conform to one of the following configurations:

Featureless Rifle
A featureless rifle will not include ANY of the following features:
(A) A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon.
(B) A thumbhole stock.
(C) A folding or telescoping stock.
(D) A grenade launcher or flare launcher.
(E) A flash suppressor.
(F) A forward pistol grip.

In the case of tactical rifles such as the AR-15 or AK47, which normally include one or more of these features, other products can be substituted. For example a folding stock can pinned into a fixed position or replaced with a factory fixed stock design. A flash suppressor (flash hider) can be replaced by a muzzle brake or thread protector. A pistol grip can be replaced or covered with a grip that does not meet the California definition of a pistol grip (these product are commonly referred to as fin-grips or grip-wraps). Additionally, there are products on the market that replace both the grip and the stock that also do not meet the definition of any of the banned features listed above (Thordsen Customs FRS-15, Hera Arms CQR Stock, etc...)
Featureless rifles sold on our website are in a configuration that is cost effective to the consumer. These modifications are made should the buyer wish to re-configure their rifle in a different, legal manner.

Fixed Magazine
A rifle that has one or more of the features listed above MUST include a fixed magazine. A fixed magazine is one that requires the action of the firearm to be disassembled prior to removal. For example with an AR-15 style rifle, the upper half can be pivoted away from the lower half, which constitutes disassembly of the firearm action. Once the action is disabled, the magazine can be removed or reloaded.

RifleGear is currently selling fixed magazine rifles using one of the following devices, depending on which device works best with the particular rifle it is fitted to:

This magazine locking device can be installed or removed without tools once the upper is separated from the lower. There are no modifications required to the firearm and when viewed from the exterior, this product looks identical to a standard magazine catch, aside from the FC logo. In order to remove the magazine, you must pivot the upper away from the lower, a thin plastic tool is inserted between the magazine and the lower receiver to depress a small spring-loaded detent, which will allow the magazine release button to be pressed in order to release the magazine.

DFM Magazine
This magazine has two small metal tabs that extend towards the rear of the magazine well, which prevent the magazine from being removed from the bottom of the firearm. In order to reload the firearm, you must pivot the upper away from the lower and top-load the in-place magazine. If you wish to have removable DFM Magazines, the existing bolt catch must be removed or modified. Please note, however, that if the bolt catch is modified, the firearm will lose the "last round hold open" feature. If the bolt catch is removed, the firearm will also lose the ability to lock the bolt back altogether.

Other fixed magazine devices are also currently available, many which RifleGear offers for sale, such as the Bullet Button Patriot Magazine release or the ARMagLock. We decided not to offer rifles for sale that are pre-installed with these devices simply because of the additional work that would be required to make their installation permanent. We want to only sell rifles in a configuration that is cost effective, does not alter the original firearm in any way, and can be easily removed without damage should the buyer wish to re-configure their rifle in a different, legal manner.