California Compliant Rifle Conversion Services

We are offering several ways to keep your AR-type rifle compliant post-2016.

The Assault Planet Bullet Button, the Raddlock, and similar devices that merely require a tool to remove the magazine are no longer a compliant option post-2016. Centerfire rifles outfitted with a Bullet Button pre-2017 will need to be registered as a California Assault Weapon. If you do not wish to register the rifle it will need to be configured in a post-2016 compliant style.

The deadline to register your Assault Weapon or convert it to be compliant is 6/30/2018

If you would like more information on how to register your assault weapon, or to help you decide if you should register or make your rifle compliant, there is a lot of good information over on AW Registration - The Complete Guide

Fixed Magazine Configuration
  • 2017 Fixed Magazine configurations will prevent the magazine from being detached while the action is enabled.
  • Once the action has been disabled, the magazine can be detached.
  • Like the past Bullet Button, converting to a 2017 compliant fixed magazine will allow you to keep the features such as a collapsible buttstock, pistol grip, flash hider and forward vertical grip.
Featureless Configuration
  • Featureless conversions are an alternative to the 2017 fixed magazine configuration.
  • Featureless rifles cannot have telescoping/folding buttstocks, flash hiders, pistol grips, forward vertical grips, grenade launchers or flare launchers.

ARMagLock Device
The ARMagLock Fixed Magazine device will configure your centerfire AR-type rifle into a fixed magazine rifle.
Note: The ARMagLock is designed to fit Mil-Spec dimensions and may not work correctly with billet receivers.
  • Once installed, the magazine cannot be released due to the upper receiver preventing the ARMaglock from being depressed.
  • Disable action by pivoting the upper receiver so the magazine can be released.

Torque Precision FC-Hook
The FC-Hook by Torque Precision is a fixed magazine device that replaces the standard magazine catch and uses a standard magazine release button and spring.

Note: The FC-Hook is designed for Mil-Spec dimensional AR-15 rifles and may not work with some lower receivers and 308 pattern lowers. Some magazines have been shown to not be compatible with the FC-Hook. Magazines with a raised ramp towards the feed lips may cause the FC-Hook to not affix the magazine in place.
  • Once the FC-Hook is installed, the magazine cannot be dropped from the receiver.
  • Disable your action by pivoting the upper receiver in an open position.
  • Using the supplied tool, press down on the detent while simultaneously pressing the magazine release button. This allows you to drop and change magazines. Alternatively, you can pivot the upper receiver and load the magazine from the top while being fixed in place.

Franklin Armory DFM Magazine
The Franklin Armory DFM is a proprietary magazine that will convert your centerfire rifle to a 2017 compliant rifle.
  • Once installed the DFM cannot be reloaded while action is closed.
  • To reload you must pivot your upper receiver and top load the fixed magazine.

Bear Flag Defense Mag Loader
The BF-10™ is a loading device used for reloading an AR-15's magazine while it is still in the firearm. It performs the same function as a stripper clip for an SKS or similar rifle.
  • Designed to work with any Mil-Spec forged AR-15 upper receiver.
  • Quickly reload a fixed magazine without the need to remove the magazine or separate the upper from the lower.

Featureless Conversions
We can convert your current rifle into a featureless configuration by installing components that meet the criteria for the featureless requirement. The benefit of a featureless rifle is that there is no need for a magazine lock and you can remove your magazine as the rifle was designed, by depressing the magazine release with your finger. Also, it is much easier and safer to operate and clear the rifle with a standard magazine release.
  • Install grip wrap or featureless grip (ex. RifleGear F1 Grip)
  • Install standard magazine catch/release
  • Install Fixed buttstock or pin your existing collapsible buttstock.
  • *Install muzzle brake or thread protector.

Featureless Conversion Gunsmith Services

Standard Featureless Conversion - $25
This basic conversion includes swapping/installing of all parts to convert a fixed-magazine rifle into a featureless rifle (stock, fin grip/grip wrap, muzzle device)

Pinned Stock Featureless Conversion - $35
This service includes all the services in a standard featureless conversion, plus pinning a collapsible or folding stock into a fixed position.

*Muzzle devices that require pin/weld services will incur additional fees.

** Gunsmith fees will be waived if all conversion parts and firearm are purchased from RifleGear.

*** Pursuant to CA PC 30605/30680/30900(b)(1) RifleGear can not provide gunsmith services on unregistered assault weapons. Complete firearms must be 2017 compliant. If bringing in an unregistered assault weapon for conversion service, please disassemble the firearm prior to delivery so that it is no longer in an assault weapon configuration. Please contact us if you have any questions.